Day 1

14 november

You may attend all or any one of the five events. All times shown are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

10:00 am

Welcome & Announcements

A Virtual Hermans wouldn't be an event without a welcome from Herman Price. He will cover any announcement and the day's events will be reviewed.
Herman Price and David Brechbiel

10:30 AM

Keynote Address

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TYPEWRITERS ALIVE: Ephemera as Windows into the LIVED Typewriter.

11:15 AM

global stretch time

11:30 AM

breakout session 1 (Select 1 to attend)

Blickensderfer Room

Type Foundry
Peter Stuart

crandall room

How the End of Typewriters Impacted on the Quality of Sports Writing
Robert Messenger

Demountable Room

Could Probably Use A New Ribbon
Zen and the Art of Typewriter Maintenance
Kirk Jackson
12:00 PM

breakout session 2 (Select 1 to attend)

Emerson Room

  These Are a Few of My Favorite Portables  
Richard Polt

Franklin Room

Paint and Typewriters: To Paint or Not to Paint
Everett Henderson

Hammond Room

Jonathan Posey & Richard Boydston
12:30 PM

breakout session 3 (Select 1 to attend)

Groma Room

Using the Typewriter Database and Becoming a Typewriter Hunter

Theodore Munk

Remington Room

Life in a Typewriter Shop: Behind the Scenes

Tom Furrier

Torpedo Room

Korean Language Typewriters
Mark Petersen
1:00 PM

breakout session 4 (Select 1 to attend)

Oliver Room

Thomas Edison, Ike Turner, and Me?

Greg Fudacz

Adler Room

Teenaged Typewriter Repairman
Jack Armstrong

We R Memory Keepers Room

New to Typewriters? Picking the Best One for You!
Glen Crookston & Amanda Olivia

1:30 PM

Go Eat (Break)

2:00 PM

the beauty contest

A Herman's Favorite! Visit to review typewriter beauties from across the globe. Voting will open following the typewriter gallery presentations.

  • Entries are being accepted using this form. Entrants may upload or send up to four photos of your typewriter with a brief 50 word description.  Entry form will be available to Midnight on Nov. 8th.
  • All typewriters will be available for public viewing on November 10th.
Hosts: Christina Albrecht & Katie Kirkland

3:00 PM

go nap (Break)

4:00 PM

the typing contest

An afternoon of Herman's Favorites ... Join us for the Typing Contest. Select your fastest typewriter, do those finger exercises, and get ready to type against the finest talent across the globe.

  • Typing passage will be released in advance on Wednesday, November 11th.
  • A portion of the typing passage will be selected for the contest.
  • Awards given to the fastest typists based on number of words/least errors in two categories:  Manuals & Electrics
  • All attendees are welcomed to watch the typists.
Host: Dan Johnson

5:00 PM

The long break!

Spend time with the family, enjoy a meal, or maybe even stream California Typewriter.

  • iMDb TV (through Amazon Prime)
  • Peacock TV (NBC/Comcast)
  • Plex TV
  • Tubi TV
Services require subscription or signup.

6:30 PM

John Pratt, the Pterotype, and the first retail typewriter

Jonathan Posey extends his noon breakout session with a look at the first typewriter sold to the public, the Pterotype. In 1867 Scientific American Magazine wrote a few paragraphs about the Pterotype which would inspire the minds of Christopher Latham Sholes, Lucian Crandell, and James Bartlett Hammond, just to name a few. Join Jonathan for a short lecture on this amazing machine and how it inspired an entire industry.

9:00 PM

The campfire

Those in the know ... party late into the night. For many of our global visitors it is early Sunday Morning!

  • Austin Typewriter Ink. LIVE Podcast - See how its done. Join David, Everett and The Shy for a 'round the campfire chat.
  • Larry Pressnell, Typewriter Enthusiast, Writer, and Showman will entertain us with his guitar. Larry sings hits from the '60s, '70s, and 80s.
  • Breakout Rooms will open to have chats in small groups.
  • Buy/Sell/Trade your Typewriter in two rooms set aside for antiques and collectibles.

Hosts: David Torres, Everett Henderson, Jon "The Shy", Larry Pressnell, and "The Horn".

Day 2

15 November
10:00 AM

Chestnut Ridge Typewriter Museum Tour

Closing Virtual Hermans the right way! Herman Price and his co-host Jonathan Posey takes us on a tour of the Chestnut Ridge Typewriter Museum in Morgantown, West Virginia. Chestnut Ridge is the site of all Hermans Gatherings.

Herman will take you on a guided tour of his museum. Jonathan serves as the videographer and interviewer as we work our way through the History of Typewriters.

This is a don't miss event with plenty of time for Questions/Answers.

Herman Price & Jonathan Posey

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