Session 1 Speakers

Peter Stuart

Type Foundry

Finding typefaces is no easy task, but this is how Peter Stuart has found some hitherto little known tips to find them. Join him to discover how to locate typestyle treasures.

robert messenger

How the End of Typewriters Impacted on the Quality of Sports Writing

When sports writers switched from manual portable typewriters to laptops, most notably at the time of the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, the change impacted greatly on the way they wrote and filed copy from international sports venues. This, in turn, was reflected in the quality of the writing they produced. They operated under the same conditions and deadlines, yet gone were the copytakers who re-typed their stories, and the tiers of re-reading and editing before publication were reduced by half. Journalists found that with laptops, the way they planned and constructed stories, and checked and filed them, was very different from when they used typewriters and produced “hard copy”.

Bio: Robert Messenger was born in New Zealand in 1948. He was a sports writer for daily metropolitan newspapers in New Zealand, Australia, England and Ireland for 47 years, covering Olympic Games and many other international sporting events. He has been collecting typewriters and blogging about typewriter history for the past 20 years. oz.Typewriter Blog.

Kirk Jackson

Could Probably Use A New Ribbon aka Zen & the Art of Typewriter Maintenance

We've all been there... That PERFECT typer pops up and after days of excitement, shows up with something wrong. It's an awful feeling and one that led to me learning Typewriter Repair. I started with basic handtools and crafted a few along the way. Almost anyone is capable of basic Typewriter repair and maintenance. In this session, I'll teach you how to reattach a drawband, replace frame spacers on an Olympia SM4, and reattach the typebar linkage on a Smith Corona.

Bio: Kirk Jackson is the owner/operator of Nashville Typewriter, a Typewriter repair and sales business based in his hometown of Nashville, TN.

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