Session 2 Speakers

Richard Polt

 These Are a Few of My Favorite Portables 

Richard will show us some of the most unusual portable typewriters from his extensive collection, including a one-of-a-kind mystery prototype. You can ask him questions and have him demonstrate their functions.

Bio: Richard is the webmaster of The Classic Typewriter Page, former editor of ETCetera, and author of The Typewriter Revolution.

Everett Henderson

Paint and Typewriters: To Paint or Not to Paint?

When to paint a typewriter? Typically, I would rather not put paint typewriters at all. I think machines that have their original paint and decals are absolutely gorgeous. I first try to put the machine back to its original design intent – that may involve some selective placement of glossy black enamel paint on chipped corners. If a machine’s paint is so far past the point where it can be salvaged, and I think we have all seen a few of those, then I think of the surface of the typewriter as a canvas. I try to let the typewriter have a second life with a new story.

Bio: Everett E Henderson Jr has a deep interest in design with experience in architecture including AIA-award-winning libraries, educational classrooms, and digital environments. He has published numerous papers on prefabricated housing technology and the role technology plays in shaping our lives. He has a keen interest in how the hand and the mind are connected to create beautiful objects.

Jonathan Posey & Richard Boydston


See what happens when you get the two most Hammond obsessed, never going to shut up nut jobs in world - together??? Hammond History, Demonstrations, Fun Facts, Q&A, & Trivia.

Bio: Both Jonathan and Richard repair and refurbish Hammond Typewriters. Jonathan lives in Washington D.C. and Richard in Texas. They met at Herman's a few years ago and have been friends since this gathering.

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