Session 3 Speakers

theodore munk

Using the Typewriter Database and Becoming a Typewriter Hunter

A step-by-step guide to using the Typewriter Database to, using the serial number, find the year a typewriter was made. We will also explore the various Typewriter Gallery Views and resources available to TWDB Members and Typewriter Hunters and taste what sort of things we can learn from them. Then we will learn how to become a Member and Typewriter Hunter, and upload an example Typewriter Gallery.

Theodore Munk is the Archivist and webmaster of The Typewriter Database and publisher of the Typewriter Repair Bible series, and has been newly elected to the Board of Directors of ETCetera. A $5 1948 Royal QDL started his journey down the road of Typewriter Madness in the mid-nineties, but he didn't discover other typewriter nerds until 2010. He tries hard to keep his corral at no more than 50 favorite machines.

Tom Furrier

Life in a Typewriter Shop: Behind the Scenes

Tom invites you view behind the scenes of his Cambridge Typewriter Shop in Boston, Mass. After the tour he will take your questions from his repair bench and cover basic cleaning and repair tips.

Bio: Tom Furrier has been a typewriter repairman for over 40 years and has owned Cambridge Typewriter Co. for 30 years, based out of Boston, MA. Tom has been in the typewriter business since before the rise of computers and has enjoyed watching firsthand as analog has been brought back into favor.

Mark Petersen

Korean Language Typewriters

Gain an introduction and understanding of the Korean Language Typewriter and its unique engineering design. Mark will field questions about these typewriters and others focused around his passion for street poetry.

Bio: Mark Petersen is from Christiansburg, Virginia and has been collecting typewriters since 2006. He has also been an active street poet for over five years and authors the Totally Your Type blog. His interests include fiction writing, languages, and old coins.

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