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    Thank you for reviewing our volunteer needs for Virtual Herman's 2. VH2 will be held on Saturday, February 19th, 2022. This year our volunteer needs fall into three areas. Click to review the volunteer descriptions below, please submit your name, eMail Address, and selection(s). Our team will touch base with you via eMail. There will be a Zoom Meeting conducted with 2 of the 3 volunteer groups prior to the event date.
  • Volunteer Need 1: Outreach/Marketing Team
    VH is searching for those GLOBAL typewriter enthusiasts/collectors/vendors who have a long list of contacts and/or belong to typewriter groups/clubs in your area (or within social media)!    Your task would be to reach people and encourage them to visit our website and register for the event. Whether by letters, eMail, social media [private Facebook groups], etc.  ... our goal is 250+ registrants and 175+ concurrent attendees visiting the event.  If you have contacts within your own country and across the globe ... we want your assistance. Volunteers, we will provide an information/marketing packet for you to use. You may attend an optional Zoom meeting to learn more about the event on January 23rd or January 25th (Times to be determined.)
  • Volunteer Need 2: Zoom Technicians (ZT)
    The main requirement for a 'ZT' is your Zoom Platform Experience.  It is helpful if you have administrated a Zoom Meeting or used Zoom to speak to a larger audience.   At VH2, each ZT will be assigned a speaker to assist.  Your tasks:
    • Enter the breakout room with the speaker
    • Assist them in any setup questions
    • Introduce the speaker (not required)
    • Assist during the Q/A Session (if provided)
    • Watch the time and alert speaker at the 10 & 5 minute to end mark
    Please Note:  ZT's will be made Co-Hosts for the day and can assist/encourage, etc. as needed.  ZT's will be involved in a Zoom Meeting (Times to be determined - tentative Feb. 10th or Feb. 12th.  Attend one or both sessions.  Agenda will be the same.)
  • Volunteer Need 3: Campfire Builders (CB)
    A Campfire Builder should be familiar with the Zoom platform and have attended meetings in the past.  Also, you should be a night owl (if in the Americas).  CB's will also help watch over the late night chat breakout rooms.  All Campfire Entertainers and early evening vendors (from vendor fair) will have an option to keep the 'music going and the sales happenin'. We would like our CB's to simply move around the rooms, help, and keep chat conversations going.

    Please Note:  CB Volunteers outside of the Americas are needed.  Internationally, much of the campfire activity will be happen during the following day and may be easier for you to manage.  VH2 will be a 24 hour event.  "Until the last person drops!"  :)

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