November 30, 2020

Dear Typospherians,

We have come to the end of the page. After many weeks of planning, the event, and post-event tasks, Virtual Herman's comes to a close. If you haven't found the thank you page yet, please review and return to this page.

I want to take a moment to thank the typosphere for all the kind cards, letters, thoughts, and comments post-VH. Also, a special nod to Austin Typewriter Ink for the beautiful crystal award. It is sitting within my office and it will serve to remind me of our gathering and friendship. As Herman Price told me on my first visit to his museum in 2017, "David, you will find out it isn't about the typewriters, but the people." Herman, you are so right and hope that Virtual Hermans met that goal of bringing 'our people' together in a most difficult 2020.

Before I sign off a few last minute cleanup items:

  1. The final video files have been posted. Please enjoy presentation videos by Peter Stuart, Mark Petersen, and Everett Henderson.
  2. All of the beauty contest entries have been labeled with the owner's name. Please take one more gallery tour of these beautiful typewriters and photos to honor those who entered.
  3. Everett sent me the handouts from his presentation so I opened a new 'handouts' page. Please visit if you want more information. To all my speakers, feel free to eMail me notes, documents, and presentation files that you wish to share. I post them in this archive.

Many of you have encouraged me to make Virtual Herman's an annual event especially for our international and west coast friends. So, I did take time to jot down some notes about the whole experience and included a few comments from those who shared. In short, there is no real answer and I leave it with memories for now.

So onward. This past week I returned to my Typewriter Town Museum and pulled out the last 'Candie' to clean. A 1955 Pink Royal QDL that completes the early fifties color Royals. After the holidays are complete, I will be turning my attention to further curating my collection and learning the craft of writing. I have a lot of tales to tell and a 'whole town' to open. See you on the Town Square.

Happy Holidays and Much Love,


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