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Virtual Herman's 2 is a full day of typewriter-related events. Register here. All events are free. The following is the final schedule (updated 2/15/22).

10:00 am

Welcome & Announcements

A Virtual Herman's wouldn't be an event without a welcome from Herman Price. Further, we will make a few announcements and highlight the day's events.

Herman Price and David Brechbiel

10:30 AM

11:30 AM

Global Stretch Time

11:45 AM

Breakout Session 1 (Select one session to attend.)

Corona Room

A New Discovery: 138 Years in the Making!

Greg Fudacz

Typewriter Dealer, Enthusiast, and Collector. Webmaster of The Antikey Chop site.

Smith Premier Room

Creating Typewriter Art

Kelye Kneeland

Kelye Kneeland is a typewriter artist, teacher and traveler. She uses vintage typewriters to create portraits of cultural icons and everyday people in her life.

Royal Room

From Poor Typist to Type Pal

Gregory Short
Gregory is a library associate from Riverside, California. He is the organizer of the Type Pals site and host the weekly Typewriter Club LIVE.

12:30 PM

Breakout Session 2 (Select 1 to attend)

Hermes Room

How to Get Started Making Typewriter Videos

Joe Van Cleave

Many typewriter collectors want to begin communicating their knowledge and passion through the medium of video, but don’t know how to get started. In this presentation, YouTube content creator Joe Van Cleave will offer a primer in video production technology oriented for the novice, including acquiring essential gear on a budget, such as cameras, microphones, lenses and lighting; video editing software; how to create a short video production; tips for communicating effectively in the medium of video; how to get started in YouTube.

Caligraph Room

The Rebuilt Typewriter Business Explored using Historic Photographs, Artifacts and Ephemera

Will Davis

The factory rebuilt typewriter appeared both earlier and more broadly than is commonly assumed today. This presentation will explore the operational aspects of this industry and its impact on manufacturers as well as buyers.

Imperial Room

Unplug Typewriter Company Pasta: The Ingredients That Make Us

Meagan Syata

Meagan explains how she embarked upon this journey by leaving her former career behind and opening a typewriter business from scratch. She will explain the dynamics and outline the lessons she learned operating a full-time internet based Typewriter Shop. Learn about the journey and what daily life is like operating a typewriter business in 2022.

1:15 PM

Breakout Session 3 (Select 1 to attend)

Emerson Room

Tools of the Trade

Lucas Dul

No job is possible without the proper tools, and no job is ever "easy" without the right tools. Whether you're a tinkerer on a budget, or an experienced mechanic, I hope to shed some light on the streamlined essentials of typewriter repair. I will cover the basic tools you'll need to get started, the more advanced tools for quality repair, and the specialty tools for specialized jobs. I will also discuss the different types of tools, general prices, places to find them, why they are useful, and brief demonstrations when needed.

Keystone Room

The Making of The Typewriter Revolution: A New Exhibition on Typewriters at the National Museum of Scotland.

James Inglis

The Typewriter Revolution exhibition, which opened at the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh in July 2021, examines the social and technological impact of typewriters from the mid-nineteenth century to their continued use and popularity in the twenty-first century. James Inglis, whose PhD research has made up a large part of the content of this exhibition, will talk through his work as a curator on the project. This will include a discussion of the initial drafts for the exhibition; the choice of objects and images; design themes for the gallery space; and notable collaborations with typewriter collectors and typewriter artists. There will also be a chance to take a closer look at some of the Scottish themed displays, such as the story of John J Brady, an engineer who worked at the Olivetti factory in Glasgow from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Olivetti Room

The Uncommon Italian Typewriters
Domenico Scarzello
As the founder and director of the Museum of Mechanical Writing in Bra, Italy (near Turin), Domenico Scarzello will showcase some of the most uncommon Italian Typewriters such as the Taurus, the Dactylette, the Italian "Baby", and others. These rarities belong to the museum and his own extensive personal collection. Domenico will tell their story and review the inventors and companies who designed and manufactured them.

2:00 PM

Global Snack Break

2:30 PM

The Beauty Contest

A Herman's Favorite! Visit to review typewriter beauties from across the globe. Voting will open following the typewriter gallery presentations.

  • Entrants may upload or send up to four photos of your typewriter with a brief 50 word description.
  • Entry form will be available on Fri., February 4th.
  • Entries accepted until Sunday, February 13th.
  • All typewriters will be available for public viewing & online voting on Wednesday, February 15th.
  • Voting closes at 3:45PM on day of event. The top three vote getters will be announced before the Vendor Fair or The Campfire.
Hosts: Katie Kirkland & J.P. Huard

3:30 PM

Global Nap Time

4:00 PM

The Typing Contest

Continuing the afternoon of Herman's Favorites ... Join us for the Typing Contest. Select your fastest typewriter, do those finger exercises, and get ready to type against the finest talent across the globe.

  • Typing passage will be released in advance on Wednesday, February 16th.
  • A portion of the above typing passage will be selected for the contest.
  • Awards given to the fastest typists based on number of words/least errors in two categories: Antique (Non-Front Strike) Manuals, Manuals, & Electrics
  • All attendees are welcomed to watch the typists.
Host: Dan Johnson

5:00 PM

Global Love Your Family Time (they are missing you today)

Spend time with the family, enjoy a meal, or catch up on the auction sites to see what you missed!

6:00 PM

NEW! The Vendor Fair

25+ Typewriter Vendors will have their virtual shops open for you to visit, learn about their products, services, or passions. Three scheduled session for you to attend with ample time in to browse all shops. Vendor Fair information will be posted on VH2 website and Facebook during the week of January 17-21st.

  • Vendors may sign-up for booth space (free of charge) beginning Thursday, January 27th. Space will be limited. First come, first served.
  • Vendors will make three brief 15 minute presentations to shop visitors at 6:15, 6:30, and 6:45PM EST. Shop will remain open for another hour until 8PM.
  • Vendors will have the option of keeping their shop open during The Campfire (after entertainment).

9:00 PM

The Campfire

Those in the know ... party late into the night or day. For many of our global visitors it is early Sunday Morning/Afternoon!

  • There will be live musical performances by typewriter enthusiasts and musicians, Anyerin Drury and Larry Pressnell.
  • Breakout Rooms will open all night (or day) for:
    • Continued music by our performers. Consider it the Lounge that will not close. :)
    • Some of our vendors from the fair will continue to be open answering your questions about their products, services, and passions
    • The main room will stay open for late night talks and individual rooms might open for impromptu conversations on topics.


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