What is Virtual Herman's?

Virtual Herman’s is an annual online gathering of typewriter enthusiasts from across the globe. Virtual Herman’s connects the typosphere using the Zoom Software Platform. Using this online technology, there are typewriter related events scheduled throughout the day. We provide time for you to connect with friends and make acquaintances.

Virtual Herman’s is a spinoff of typewriter enthusiast, Herman Price. Herman Price began meeting at his home near Morgantown, West Virginia in. xxxx His Chestnut Ridge Typewriter Museum was the setting for the annual Chestnut Ridge Typewriter Rendezvous Meeting. Herman’s live meeting was usually held once a year in October. Due to the pandemic, the live meetings were canceled the past two years.

In November 2020, the first Virtual Hermans reached 200 registrants and 160+ attendees during the three day event. The Second Virtual Herman's is a bit scaled back starting on Saturday morning and possibly continuing at the Campfire throughout the night. This single day event follows the schedule of the live Herman's Meeting. In the morning and early afternoon, all gathered to listen to Herman's introductory remarks followed by a group of speakers. In the afternoon, the famed Typewriter Beauty Contest and Typing Contest were enjoyed by all. In the evening, a few of the late nighters would gather, tell stories, and howl at the moon until the wee hours of Sunday morning. Around this merriment was a chance for new collectors to mingle and meet with the veterans. There was a lot of wheeling and dealing going on!

Although Virtual Herman's can't begin to match the closeness and the camaraderie of the live meeting, Virtual Herman's does pull our global community together with those who normally can't attend the live West Virginia event. It also gives all of us a chance to meet the international collector community.

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