Session 2 Speakers

Joe Van Cleave

How to Get Started Making Typewriter Videos

Many typewriter collectors want to begin communicating their knowledge and passion through the medium of video, but don’t know how to get started. In this presentation, YouTube content creator Joe Van Cleave will offer a primer in video production technology oriented for the novice.

Bio: I’m a 4th-generation Albuquerque native, US Navy veteran and former TV repairman who has worked in the semiconductor manufacturing industry for 28 years.

Will Davis

The Rebuilt Typewriter Business Explored using Historic Photographs, Artifacts and Ephemera

The factory rebuilt typewriter appeared both earlier and more broadly than is commonly assumed today. This presentation will explore the operational aspects of this industry and its impact on manufacturers as well as buyers.

Bio: WILL DAVIS began collecting typewriters in 1999 and has has typewriter related websites, message groups and/or blogs in operation under his name since 2000. He wrote the first modern / portable typewriter related column to appear in an antique typewriter magazine, ETCetera, from 2001 to 2009. He remains active in the collecting community online.

Meagan Syata

Unplug Typewriter Company Pasta: The Ingredients That Make Us

Meagan explains how she embarked upon this journey by leaving her former career behind and opening a typewriter business from scratch. She will explain the dynamics and outline the lessons she learned operating a full-time internet based Typewriter Shop. Learn about the journey and what daily life is like operating a typewriter business in 2022.

Bio: Meagan Syata owns and operates Unplug Typewriter Company. I work full time as a typewriter mechanic/salesman out of Hope Arkansas.

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