Thank You!

Behind every successful event is a great team. Virtual Herman's wouldn't have been a success with out the following individuals who volunteered their time to make November 14th-15th, 2020 happen.
  • Herman Price - It was his blessing that jump started Virtual Herman's. No questions .. just a simple yes. Owner of Chestnut Ridge Typewriter Museum and founder of 'Herman's'
  • Tech Team
  • Keynote Speaker - Peter Weil
  • Breakout Speakers
    • Peter Stuart, Robert Messenger, & Kirk Jackson
    • Richard Polt, Everett Henderson & Jonathan Posey/Richard Boydstun
    • Rev. Ted Munk, Tom Furrier, & Mark Petersen
    • Greg Fudacz, Jack Armstrong, & Glen Crookston
  • The Beauty Contest - Christina Albrecht, Katie Kirkland
  • The Typing Contest - Dan Johnson
  • The Campfire
    • Austin Typewriter Ink - David Torres, Everett Henderson & John TheShy Typospherian
    • Larry Pressnell
  • The Tour
    • Herman Price with Jonathan Posey
  • Co-Hosts - Volunteered to Assist Speakers & Campfire
    • Ker Cleary
    • Jason Cohn
    • David Cornillie
    • Allison Dishinger
    • Anyerin Drury
    • JP Huard
    • Joseph Jablonski
    • Dan Johnson
    • Greg Lyon
    • Richard Polt
    • Ann Durst Robinson
    • Monica Thomas
    • David Wells
  • Facebook Groups - Advertising/Event Listing
    • Antique Typewriter Collectors - Robt. Beekman, J.P. Huard, Admins
    • Austin Typewriter Ink - David Torres, Admin
    • Typerheads - John Monroe, Admin

I want to thank my wife, Sherry Brechbiel, for taking care of me about two weeks prior to the event ... as I didn't do s**t around the house.

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