Thank You!

Behind every successful event is a great team. Virtual Herman's wouldn't have been a success with out the following nearly 40 individuals who volunteered their time to make February 19h, 2022 happen.

This year I want to showcase the talent of my two tech friends:

We were able to provide to all 358 attendees real time help and support during the event. With 2X+ the attendees over 2020, the event opening went smoothly. Finally, the recordings are being edited and prepared for you in a timely fashion .. no small feat for volunteers. I love these guys and am thankful for their support of our typewriter obsession!

Event Thanks

  • Herman Price - His continued blessing on Virtual Herman's brought 358 attendees. Herman is the owner of Chestnut Ridge Typewriter Museum and founder of the Chestnut Ridge Spring Jubilee and Chestnut Ridge Fall Rendevouz ... lovingly nicknamed 'Herman's'
  • Keynote Speaker - Richard Polt
  • Breakout Speakers
    • Greg Fudacz, Kelye Kneeland, and Gregory Short
    • Joe Van Cleave, Will Davis, and Meagan Syata
    • Lucas Dul, James Inglis, Domenico Scarzello
  • The Beauty Contest - Katie Kirkland & JP Huard
  • The Typing Contest - Dan Johnson
  • The Vendor Fair
    • Insprired Type - Sam Bones
    • Philly Typewriter - Bryan Kravitz
    • Smashing the Liquor Machine - Mark Schrad
    • Typespace - Antony Valoppi
    • Typewriter Alliance - Katie Fetterly
    • The Typewriter Database - Ted Munk
    • Typewriter Muse - Bob Marshall
    • Typerwriter Threads - Lance Gambis
    • Vintage Disruption - Scott Bierly
    • The Vintage Mancave - Typewriter Tim Riese
  • The Campfire
    • Larry Pressnell
    • Anyerin Drury
  • Co-Hosts
    • Ker Cleary (2 yrs.)
    • Anyerin Drury (2 yrs.)
    • Greg Lyon (2 yrs.)
    • Glenn Gravatt

Social Media Thanks

  • Facebook Groups - Advertising/Event Listing
    • Austin Typewriter Ink - David Torres, Admin
    • Typerheads - John Monroe, Admin
    • I also posted on the Pre-1920s Typewriter Colectors and the Group and the Vintage Typewriters and Decent People Groups

I especally want to single out J.P. Huard of the Antique Typewriter Collectors Group for allowing me to market Virtual Herman's as a Group Moderator. With 11,000+ members, it is the perfect spot for a lot of 'eyes on" advertising. Due to the large number of posts, a normal post might get lost within hours. J.P. granted me the ability to feature posts in this group making sure that everyone who visited stayed informed. Thank you J.P.

Sherry Thanks

I want to thank my wife, Sherry Brechbiel, for taking care of me for the month prior to the event ... as I didn't do s**t around the house. I love you.

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