Session 1 Speakers

Greg Fudacz

A New Discovery: 138 Years in the Making!

Join Connecticut Typewriter Enthusiast, Greg Fudacz, in introducing to the world his latest discovery. This machine's unique method of putting ink to paper and other mysteries are explored. Greg will introduce you to the inventor, his background, and motivations. This is a 'not to miss' for antique typewriter collectors from across the globe.

Bio: Greg is a typewriter dealer turned collector residing in Connecticut with a focus on very early writing machines, their development and the men that made them. The histories of many early typewriters are gathered on his Antikey Chop website.

Kelye Kneeland

Creating Typewriter Art

Join Typewriter artist, Kelye Kneeland, as she shares her journey and techniques in creating typewriter art. Kelye stumbled upon typewriters five years ago through her work with young children. She began purchasing machines for her classroom and continued collecting them. She later discovered that her machines could be used to create visual images, and has created over 80 portraits and drawings over the past three years. She will share her journey and the techniques she uses to create art from typing silhouettes to portraits and animals. If you have ever been curious as to how people use typewriters to create art, this is the session for you. You many discover a whole new use for your typewriters!

Gregory Short

From Poor Typist to Type Pal

Gregory Short got his start with typewriters when he taught himself to "chicken peck" after not being able to take typing class in school. Many years later, he created a blog and YouTube channel called Poor Typist. The pandemic took him on an unexpected journey, from forming an online meeting for typewriter lovers to developing the internet's only pen pal database for typewriter users. Here he provides an overview of Type Pals.

Bio: Gregory Short, also known as the Poor Typist, is a Library Associate living in Riverside, California. He enjoys writing, web design, photography, and more. He is the organizer for Type Pals, and hosts the weekly livestream, Typewriter Club LIVE.

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